Tricep Exercises

No gym, no machines, no problem. Necessity is the mother of invention. You want great triceps? Here are my personal tips to do tricep exercises at home without any professional equipment.
Dec 17

Tricep Exercises using Body Weight Part I

If you are like me and lack time to go to the gym - or to go there and workout two hours four times a week, you might find some useful home fitness tips here I found useful myself. Because my time did not allow to go to my gym regularly, I came up with some pretty nice tricep exercises I - and therefore everybody - can perform at home.

First, you need to know, that your triceps make up more than 60% of your upper arm muscles. Because of that fact, people running for muscular arms should rather concentrate on triceps development than curling heavy weights all day long to build up the biceps.

For defining purposes there a some very useful exercises you can do, only by using your own body weight. A very effective exercise every triceps program should include are Dips. Usually (in the gym), Dips are performed using two bars. You start by resting your arms on those two bars, then lowering your body by bending your arms until reaching a 90 degree angle between upper and lower arm, followed by stretching your arms until you are back in full-stretched position.

Although very effective, this kind of exercise can only be done by advanced athletes. However, the kind of Dips we are going to perform, should work for beginners as well as advanced people. All you need here, is a chair or something similar you can rest your arms on. You start by sitting on the chair, putting your hands beside your body, grabbing the seat of the chair. Move your feet three to four feet away from the chair, such as if you were building a “human bridge”. The exercise itself goes like explained above. Bend your arms now, holding your own body weight, until 90 degrees between upper and lower arms are reached, then stretch your arms. Repeat as often as you can.

I recommend 4 sets in total with a maximum of 30 repetitions for each set. If you approach this 30 repetitions, make the exercise more difficult be putting your feet on a second chair. If this variant is also getting easier and easier, try using weights placed in your lap, e.g. a phone book. I consider Dips one of the top two tricep exercises, even including all those tricep machines in the gym. I also attached a video where those so called bench dips are explained. Go try it yourself, but don’t blame me for aching arms the next day ;-)